We Are The Mighty | By Zackry Colston "Man's best friend" has been by our side for around 10,000 years. Today, dogs play many roles in the military, and not all of them are on the battlefield.

They've received medals, and they have saved the lives of countless service members. Despite it not being the biggest dog out there, it sure is one of the bravest, warrior dogs out there and is counted among the best police dog breeds. For example, territorial dogs, such as boxers, have been used as sentry guards, shepherds have been used to protect and hunting dogs such as Labrador retrievers have been used for … But if you answer our questions honestly, we'll tell you which breed of military dog …

War Dog Breeds.
Virtually all breeds of dogs have been used at one time or another in military roles.Lt. Dogs have been used in the military since ancient times, according to Tom Newton, historian and expert on military dogs. 17 Apr 2019 .

85% of military working dogs …

Colonel Richardson of the British War Dog School started training Airdales as sentry and patrol dogs at the outbreak of World War I in 1914, finding them well adapted to the work.

You may think most military dogs have historically been German Shepherds, and they’re pretty common, but there are a number of military dog breeds with … The Soviet dog usually refers to one of the new dog breeds developed in Russia during the Soviet era (1917-1991).

Privatized housing companies have created their own policies regarding banned breeds, but they’re also intertwined with official military installation policies among the branches. Sometimes they are called the Russian army dogs because they were mostly developed in the Russian army’s “Red Star’ kennel.

Brothers in Paws: A List of Military-Utilized Dog Breeds. Dr. Stewart Hilliard, Chief of Military War Dog evaluation and training at Lackland Air Force Base told San Antonio Magazine in 2013, “These dogs are among our most effective counter measures against terrorists and explosives.” 4. Of course, not everyone can handle a dog with the characteristics needed for duty in the military, just as not everyone is meant to be a soldier. If size really mattered then, honestly even the elephant would be king of the jungle.

Dogs have many uses within the military, too.
You may just think German Shepherds have solely led the charge in canine use in the military, but—as this list will show—we have more furry friends out …

Dog Breed Restrictions for On-Base Military Housing If you're moving into military housing , you probably have questions about whether or not your family's beloved dog is allowed. The breeds selected have varied, depending on availability and the nature of the work the dogs were to perform.