Right: The Arecibo radar in Puerto Rico is coincidentally about the size of asteroid 2004 MN4.

... We could learn a great deal about what asteroids like Apophis … ... we promise.

An Asteroid Will Come Incredibly Close to Earth in 2029 ... we’re able to see Apophis coming over a decade in advance. Apophis asteroid will interestingly pass by Earth on a near-miss Earth trajectory on a Friday the 13th (April 13, 2029), gracing a day considered unlucky in Western superstition. "If we get radar ranging in 2013, we should be able to predict the location of 2004 MN4 out to at least 2070." ... Africa and parts of Asia will be able to see a star-like point of light.

Even though the possibility of an Earth impact by the now-famous asteroid has been ruled out … [/caption] Asteroid Apophis continues to be an object of interest for astronomers.

Closest Flyby of Large Asteroid to be Naked-Eye Visible. A massive asteroid will be visible to the naked eye when it passes close to Earth within the same distance as spacecraft that orbit the planet, according to NASA.