Pablo Ruiz is a character on the Netflix series Elite. Warning: Spoilers for Season 3 of Elite ahead.. Netflix’s Spanish-language YA series Elite is back with more teen-drama at the the prestigious Las Encinas private school.

Los deportistas de 'ÉLITE': Arón Piper, Itzan Escamilla, Álvaro Rico y Omar Ayuso | ESQUIRE ES - Duration: 7:07. After drinking a lot of alcohol, Lu (Danna Paola) cornered Polo in the bathroom over the loss of her scholarship to New York. What happened at the end of Elite on Netflix? But while who it was is rather simple — Polo …

Who killed Polo in Elite season 3?

He is a former student at Las Encinas, who infected Marina Nunier with HIV while she was underaged. 'Elite' Star Alvaro Rico Teases Who Killed Polo in 'Most Emotional' Season Yet (Exclusive) 'Elite': Here Is Your Dramatic First Look at Season 3 of Netflix's Teen Soap (Exclusive)

Season 3 of Netflix’s Elite is here, and discovering who killed Polo is only one of many bonkers moments in a season full of twists, deceit, and more murder.

"Elite" is back for season 3 on Netflix and fans are already hoping it returns for season 4. He is portrayed by Alberto Vargas.

Spoiler alert for 'Elite' Season 3. Marina. In 2016, Pablo (aged 17) and Marina (aged 14) engage in a sexual relationship, resulting in Pablo infecting her with HIV. ... there's a big murder mystery as to who killed Polo at the party. The show follows three working-class teens who receive scholarships to Las Encinas and the clashes that follow between them and their new upper-society classmates.

The third season of 'Elite' on Netflix picks up right after where the last season left off: Carla, after being manipulated by Samuel into thinking he was killed, has told the investigators that it was Polo who killed Marina. The entirety of Elite Season 1 was spent answering one question: who killed Marina?

Esquire ES 3,551,098 views It was revealed that Marina was accidentally murdered by Polo (Álvaro Rico), who hit her over the head with the school trophy. ... part of the fun. Major ahead spoilers for Elite's first season.

A former police detective-turned-investigative author has been found dead, just days after publishing a book that exposed a high-level government pedophile ring.

Pablo attends Las Encinas upon being given a scholarship.