The Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii, Hercules Segers, c. 1628 - c. 1629 line etching with tone and highlights created by using crosshatching and stopping-out, printed in black ink on paper, coloured with dark blue, light blue and white oil paint, h 126mm × w 194mm More details Depicted is an ancient tomb on the Via Appia Antica at Albano. The Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii c.1794–8. The Horatii were Roman and the Curiatii Alban, although the Roman historian Livy wrote that some earlier accounts had reversed this order. Pencil and grey and blue wash on white wove paper, 180 x 258 mm mounted on white cartridge paper, 363 x 495 mm Blind-stamped with Turner Bequest monogram bottom right Inscribed in pencil ‘27’ on mount, top right Horatii and Curiatii, in Roman legend, two sets of triplet brothers whose story was probably fashioned to explain existing legal or ritual practices. Albano, Tomb of the Horatii and Curatii (3) countries and continents (17,556) Italy (4,478) The Tomb of Horatii The replica of the Tomb of the Horatii was built in Stoke Park by Thomas Wright (1711-86), a leading 18th century landscape gardener of the time.

D36440 Turner Bequest CCCLXXIII 27.