Scientific name. The Pallid Sturgeon may reach a length of 60 inches, but no Kansas specimens have been seen that were longer than 30 inches. Scientific name: Scaphirhyncus albus Description: This odd looking fish is a relic from the dinosaur era, pallid sturgeon have been around for over 200 million years. ... form below and we’ll get your question to the correct person. Record Breaker. The snout is flattened and shaped like a shovel, and the mouth is toothless and is found far under the snout. Location. It depends on which species of sturgeon you are asking about. What is the scientific name for a sturgeon? The pallid sturgeon is a large, … Geographic place. The pallid sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus) is an endangered species of ray-finned fish, endemic to the waters of the Missouri and lower Mississippi river basins of the United States. Scientific Name: Scaphirhynchus Albus Listed as Endangered in: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee The Pallid Sturgeon lives on the bottom of large rivers and lakes. Some sturgeon can live more than 100 years. The outward appearance of the pallid sturgeon is very prehistoric-like, and it has been called the ugliest fish of North America.

Dams have created unsuitable lake-like habitat and blocked migration routes. Shortcomings in CITES caviar labelling system poses a risk to sturgeons; Living fossils in danger. Adults weigh up to 85 lbs and are generally between 30 and 60 inches in length. As the name implies, the pallid sturgeon is a very pale gray color overall. March 31, 2020 Early this March, USGS Comprehensive Sturgeon Research Program (CSPR) biologists coordinated and led a pallid sturgeon surgery training effort in Dakota City, Nebraska for the U.S. The pallid and lake sturgeon are very long-lived fish and mature slowly. The Pallid Sturgeon is a potamodromous (freshwater only) North American species with a range covering approximately 3,515 miles of river, occupying large free-flowing main channel areas in the Mississippi River and the upper Missouri River. The Pallid Sturgeon is the larger of the two species of sturgeon found east of the Continental Divide. Both sturgeon species, Pallid and Shovelnose, co-occur in the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. Pallid Sturgeon April through mid Scaphirhynchus albus Best Management Practices Missouri Department of Conservation Common name Pallid Sturgeon Scientific name Scaphirhynchus albus State status Endangered Federal status Endangered Ecology The sturgeons are a small group of primitive fishes with a wide distribution in the Northern Hemisphere. The habitat preferences of this species are not well known, but it is believed that pallid sturgeons prefer to dwell in sandy or rocky bottoms of large, turbid, free-flowing rivers. Scaphirhynchus albus (Pallid Sturgeon) is a species of bony fishes in the family sturgeons. Wiki User 2011-12-19 01:33:56. Also, the four barbels on a lake sturgeon are smooth and not fringed or serrated. Some Pallid Sturgeon use the Fort Peck tailrace yearlong, but others move downstream in spring (in one case more than 300 kilometers) (Tews 1994). Family Name. USA : Pallid Sturgeon . Eurasia and North America. Endangered. By Killian Kelly. The Keystone XL pipeline, the continent-spanning death funnel and longtime conservative fetish object, took another beating in court this week. Related Links. Pallid sturgeons have a unique dinosaur-like appearance and have been swimming around since the dinosuars. It is also called the white sturgeon due to its light coloring. Name Synonyms Parascaphirhynchus albus Forbes & Richardson, 1905 Homonyms Scaphirhynchus albus (Forbes & Richardson, 1905) Common names Bleg stør in Danish Lopatonos velký in Czech Pallid Sturgeon in English Pallid Sturgeon in English Pallid Sturgeon in English Valge lasntuur in Estonian Valkolapiosampi in Finnish pallid sturgeon in English Let us know how to get back to you. As the name implies, the pallid sturgeon is a very pale gray color overall. It is associated with freshwater habitat. After a long history of ancestral survival through environmental disruptions, mass extinctions and multiple glaciations of North America, this unique fish, the Pallid Sturgeon, is in murky water both literally and figuratively. … Endangered. Before …

Lake sturgeon can reach eight feet in length and a … Adults can weigh up to eighty-five pounds and they will be able to reach the length of thirty to sixty inches. Record breaker . The species was listed as federally endangered with little to no evidence of natural recruitment. It is listed as endangered by IUCN and in CITES Appendix II.

The Pallid Sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus albus) is adapted to living close to the bottom of large highly turbid rivers. Have a question about the website or the work we do with the pallid sturgeon? Acipenseridae. The pallid and lake sturgeon are very long-lived fish and mature slowly.