Without permit: monkey, and certain other dangerous animals. Air guns can be owned by anyone 16 or older. Under special restrictions, authorizes deer causing damage to crops can be harassed (scared) with a gun and light at night. In addition to serving as a reservoir for rabies and distemper, raccoons in Florida pose a serious threat to the nesting success of green, loggerhead and other marine turtles. The revised 64E-9 Rule below is effective 7/20/16. The Permit Office oversees Oversize and Overweight Permit issuance for Florida on all state maintained highways and roadways. Raccoons are protected by various rules administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The use of poisons and leghold or body gripping traps are not legal without a permit and are not recommended for raccoons. Public pools are regulated by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to protect the public health and safety. You need many many hours of shadowing and experience and pass a test to get this. Florida is one of three states where raccoon trapping is legal (Alabama and Wisconsin being the others). Some states allow it but require a permit. Many states do not allow raccoons to be kept as pets. License requirements. An air gun is not considered either a firearm or a weapon under Florida law. Raccoon populations in south Florida parklands reach 250 animals per square kilometer – 200 times the densities of those dwelling in natural habitats! 10 years ago. Gun and Light at Night Permit (GLN) Authorizes a landowner or their designee to take depredating wildlife (beaver, bobcat, fox, possum, rabbit, raccoon or skunk) at night with a gun and light.

47-2-10 et seq. Lv 7. With permit: bison, fox, raccoon, bobcat, beaver, deer. Some states allow it and do not require a permit. To protect the public health the department has adopted sanitation and safety standards for public pools in Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code (opens in a new window), and enforces those rules through the issuance of operating permits and inspections. lcr000. 5 Answers. Raccoon, opossum, coyote, beaver, skunk and nutria may be trapped statewide year round. Raccoons are illegal in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts among other states, and there are specific laws surrounding raccoon ownership in most states. If you do not want your E-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Relevance. ; 50-11-1765; 50-16-20. Is it legal to own a pet raccoon in Cape Coral, Florida? Section 514.011, Florida Statutes, essentially defines a public pool as a watertight structure of filtered and disinfected water used for bathing by the public, and includes pools operated by a health spa. This means that pretty much anyone in Florida can own an air gun if they want one, without restriction, including convicted felons.

This includes … In some states, while it may be legal to own a raccoon as a pet, it is not legal to import raccoons … Favorite Answer. Non-domestic pig and raccoon-dog No bag limits. Authorizes a landowner or their designee to take depredating wildlife (beaver, bobcat, fox, possum, rabbit, raccoon or skunk) at night with a gun and light. Minks, Everglades minks, weasels and round-tailed muskrats cannot be taken or possessed. South Dakota. Select MCP Military/Disabled Veteran Event License Exemption Permit (MDVE) A furbearer trapping license ($26.50) is required: When taking or attempting to take furbearing animals using traps or snares. (4) No permit shall be issued to any person to possess Class III wildlife for exhibition, sale or personal use unless such person can meet the following requirements: (a) Be 16 years of age or older.