Description. Other Names: none Distribution: Bering Sea coasts in summer; South Pacific in winter. Breeding. The male and female both look similar with two colorations are seen in French Polynesia. The Pacific Golden Plover Is 23 to 27 cm from tail to beak. obtained during banding of Pacific and American Golden- Plovers (Pluvialis./hlva and P. dominica), and to shed light on criteria useful in identifying these somewhat similar species. Pacific golden plover breed in the Arctic on shrub tundra and montane tundra. Identifying Grey Plover and Golden Plover Found around our coasts, wetlands and uplands Golden Plover is a beautiful medium-sized wader. Pacific Golden Plover. Bird types OPQ, listed from the Oak Titmouse to the Pyrrhuloxia. Our long-term studies of plover ecology in Hawaii and Alaska together with more recent radiotelemetry inves- golden-plover-john-harding-000295.jpg Golden Plover by John Harding. LesleytheBirdNerd 228,838 views. Its cousin, Grey Plover, can be found around our coasts in most months of the year, causing a potential ID challenge. These two genera are sometimes included in Charadrius. The face and neck are black with a white border and the breast and rump are black. Its face and neck are black with a white border and it has a black breast and a dark rump.

... 10 Fun & Interesting Facts About Northern Cardinals - Duration: 9:56. See also crab plover. Scientists have monitored Pacific Golden Plovers for the first time as they migrate thousands of kilometres nonstop from Hawaii to Alaska in spring and back again in autumn. They fly from their home in the north to Hawaii or the Polynesian islands. American Golden-Plover: Among the widest ranging birds in the world, this species breeds on tundra from Alaska east to Baffin Island and migrates south over the Atlantic Ocean from Canadian Maritimes to South America; some birds winter on islands in Pacific and appear along west coast during migration. In the breeding season, it's plumage is detailed with finely speckled gold and black above with a black face and underparts - the underparts and face framed with a white border. Description: Size: 23-26 cm in length with a 44-48 cm wingspan. But the Pacific golden plovers hold the record for the longest non-stop flight. Category Pets & Animals; Show more Show less.

In the winter they moult into a more … Be wary of the confusion species Grey Plover. The 23–26 cm long breeding adult is spotted gold and black on the crown, back and wings. The total global population of Pacific golden plover is estimated to be 190,000 - 250,000 individuals with 300-1200 birds migrating to New Zealand each summer, and very few overwintering. The Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) is a medium-sized plover.

9:56. The American golden plovers of the eastern range fly over the Atlantic and South America as far south as Patagonia, and most return via the Mississippi Valley; those in the western range travel, presumably nonstop, to groups of islands in the South Pacific. Identification The Golden Plover is a medium-sized plover. Other articles where Golden plover is discussed: plover: Some plovers, like the golden (Pluvialis species) and black-bellied (Squatarola squatarola), are finely patterned dark and light above and black below in breeding dress. The legs are black. Interesting facts.

A nonmigratory population exists in California. The individuals who are not in reproduction are light brown with black spots with a beige and white stomach. Plumage: Both sexes are spotted gold and black on the uppersides and wings.