The internet can help… This comes from a website called and we can only assume there are witty Norwegians behind it.

Rock and Metal Song Generator. Satan’s health.

Rock and Metal Song Generator. Curious about what your death metal name is? I tried to cover the majority of them within this generator, and many do follow the perhaps somewhat complex system of long names. Generate. Then enter your full name below to be given an awesome heavy metal name!

Heavy Metal Name Generator - band name, album name, song names, and cover art. Thank Satan for witty Norwegians! (consists of actual heavy metal artists' names) Which generation do you belong to? …
Mon, 08/10/2009 - 2:41pm | By: Cody Sparks. To get your name, just enter your name below and click Generate Name. Metal and element name generator . Death Metal Name Generator. Metallizer.

This name generator will generate 10 random names for metals and elements. dk. Rock and Metal Song Generator. Similar to the "Metal Band Name Generator" above, but the generated names are of lesser quality. Thanks for the awesome suggestions you drop in the suggestion box. Not sure if band name or insurance company.. Rock and Metal Song Generator. 106 Responses to “The internet’s official heavy metal band name generator” Sudeb Sarkar 18. mai 2015. Tired of your boring name? The Ultimate Heavy Metal Stage Name Generator.

Fictional heavy metal rock music albums. Hit the Generate button to begin! Its critics will be extinguished in a gory tide of blood-letting. Save. Never-ending random metallic mayhem inspired by the best heavy metal bands.

Feel free to use these generated band names for your band, but if you do, please send me a copy of your CD :-) If you're a graphics artist and like to design band logos, feel free to email me your creation of band names found here. Now you can find out what you name would be if you were in a brutal heavy metal band. Music, News, Popular, You’re a heavy metal band and you shred pretty hard—but you cannot come up with a name to do yourself justice.

I'll put them on this site with full credits to you. Heavy Metal Songtitle Generator Version 2.666 Insidiöus Törment 's generator. An online random metal band name generator. Keep … Obviously, heavy metal is the greatest form of music ever invented. Total bars: × Total beats: BPM: Tap. Enter your Name: your Death Metal Name is: Get Your Death Metal Badge. The Heavy Metal Band Name Generator — Because Metallica and Anthrax Are Taken. Active Preset: Djent > Scratchy groovy. Share. Then enter your full name below to be given an awesome heavy metal name! dk - now with 33% more pain! That being said, if you had a band, what would it be called?

Metals and elements come in all sorts of forms, and their names too can range greatly. Heavy Metal Name Generator - Album, Song, and Band Names Metallizer.