Holly G wrote a review Jun 2019. Save Thai Elephant Park - Single Day. My family and I (me, my husband and … Read more. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A Sanctuary for Rescued Elephant! Animal friendly . By 2016 there were branch elephant parks in Surin and in … Environmental Conservation Organization . Wir kaufen alle geretteten Elefanten, um sicherzustellen, dass das Phuket Elephant Sanctuary ihr letztes Zuhause ist, und bieten professionelle tierärztliche Betreuung für alte und verletzte Elefanten. I really want to go to an elephant nature reserve, but do not want to support ones that treat the animals badly. The tour was extremely well run - the operators were friendly, knowledgeable, on-time, courteous and fun-loving. There is a variety of elephant experience when travelling in Thailand as there are so many elephant tours for your travelling choices in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket etc. They have so far offered to sell her at least 60 elephants… X No Animal abuse. Sponsor an Elephant from Elephant Nature Park! We have been involved in dozens of rescues which have created our thriving elephant herd. Elephant Sanctuary Park Near Bangkok Single Day Tour .

Elephant Nature Park. We would like to stay 2 nights at your place.

Elephant Sanctuary Park Near Bangkok Half Day Afternoon Tour .
With the money we raise from visits and donations, we can contribute to elephant welfare. We have been involved in dozens of rescues and sustain a natural home for this endangered species. Distance: 1 hour 15 min from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by flight, another 1 hour 15 min to the sanctuary. Oh yes, how do … Adults (12+) - Adults price is 2,400THB per person ***Excluding Transport*** Children (4 - 11) - Children price 1,500THB per person ***Excluding Transport*** Children (0-3) - Children less than 3 years will be "Free" of charge . In 2013 Erawan Elephant Retirement Park opened in western Thailand as an offshoot. Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand where you can volunteer and visit to help.We have been involved in dozens of rescues which have created our thriving elephant herd.The park provides a natural environment for elephants, dogs, cats, buffaloes and many other animals under our care. No. My sister and I will be in Bangkok April 30, 2019 through May 10, 2019. I have never been to Thailand before and am going in May. Helpful. The biggest elephant park in the region, Elephant Nature Park is an incredible place to watch elephants in their natural environment, socializing, playing, and full of life.