Conservation Status: Copperheads are locally abundant and are not listed at the state, federal, or heritage level. Much of the eastern half of the United States is home to five species of copperhead snakes (Agkistrodon contortrix). At the edges of their range copperheads are of conservation concern and are protected in Iowa, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Our current research is focused on establishing the historical range of copperhead snakes in Iowa.
The paper was originally completed for one of Mr. Lendt's (graduate courses at Iowa State. Written by Lou Carter. However, in many parts of their range they are killed by humans and many fall victim to road mortality. We also found a few accounts of copperheads in Iowa outside these counties with vouchered specimens. What A Copperhead Snake Looks Like. Much has changed with the rewriting of the Civil War from the historical perspective afforded by the passage of more than 100 years. There are 5 species of Lizards in Iowa. at Iowa State. Copperheads are venomous snakes in the viper family. The Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) is found in 28 states throughout the central and eastern United States.Their geographic range extends from southern New England to the eastern parts of Kansas and Nebraska, and then south to eastern Texas to the Florida panhandle. They are endemic to the United States and parts of northern Mexico, and are most active in the spring and fall. "Iowa and the Copperhead Movement" represents the beginning of a thesis that Mr. Lendt plans to further pursue. The Iowa Center’s mission is to maintain an independent, non-partisan journalistic program dedicated to producing and encouraging explanatory and investigative journalism in Iowa, engaging in collaborative reporting efforts with Iowa news organizations and educating journalism students. Geographic Range. Once abundant throughout their range, native populations of these venomous pit vipers have declined drastically. Although copperhead venom is weak, bites do require hospital treatment. The Academy 15E Copperheads lose 19-25, 16-25 Tourney Record 0-2 Season Record 6-6.

We know of irrefutable (with voucher specimens) accounts of copperhead sightings in the south eastern corner of Iowa. The following list of the reptiles of Iowa lists all of the snakes, turtles and lizards that are known to occur in the US State of Iowa. Lizards.