With the exception of Mega Man, Castlevania was probably the most revered third-party franchise on the NES. The game tries to tie in Castlevania lore with Bram Stoker’s Dracula which, while it sounds cool, is pretty meaningless. October 22, 2018 Adzuken 2. Story wise Bloodlines is weird because of what it attempts to do. While it has gained a cult following, Bloodlines was always the black sheep of the Castlevania series. There isn’t much of a difference between domestic and import versions. Castlevania Bloodlines (game, action, 2D platformer, vampire, gothic). Meta-Review: Castlevania Bloodlines – Sega Genesis. Even so, Bloodlines is still highly playable, as it is and nothing really hurts the gameplay. So we're firing up the time machine once more for a new episode of Review Crew.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Castlevania Bloodlines review Bloody stake Summary: Castlevania is a franchise that started on a Nintendo system, and has yet to leave Nintendo's presence, even to this day. Ranked #899 All-time among Glitchwave users. The game controls like every Castlevania game although they’re kind of stiff due to the Genesis control scheme. Don’t get me started on Castlevania. Castlevania is possibly the best example of a classic franchise that, for the most part, has stayed true to its two-dimensional roots and has pushed the limits of the 2D power of a number of consoles.. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Castlevania Bloodlines at Amazon.com. This time around we're taking a look at Castlevania Bloodlines, one of Konami's earliest Genesis games. Released 1993. Castlevania: Bloodlines upholds the series tradition of excellence. In its early years, Castlevania was synonymous with Nintendo. Castlevania: Bloodlines Review. Review Crew #10: After going back in time with Super Castlevania IV, we were inundated with requests for more. Home Video Games Video Game Review Review – Castlevania: Bloodlines Review – Castlevania: Bloodlines.