Mountain lions in Nebraska are part of a larger population that spans all western states, and animals move freely among Nebraska and neighboring states, particularly South Dakota and … Is there actual evidence of mountain lions living in the eastern US? Nebraska's mountain lion scat survey uses one such modern approach. Females are typically smaller. This population is centered in the Pine Ridge Region on the western side of the state. ... established and breeding mountain lion populations are in the Black Hills of North and South Dakota and western Nebraska.

They vary in size and weight, with males reaching up to 200 pounds and eight feet in length (one-third of their length is the tail). "Oh my God, there's a mountain lion in Hecker!" A motion activated video camera was placed near a collared female mountain lion's two-week old kitten in Nebraska's Pine Ridge. Although mountain lions were part of Nebraska… In early January, two hunters killed two of the big cats in the state’s first season there. There are likely additional mountain lions elsewhere in the state. Since 2015, nine bighorn sheep deaths have been linked to the apex predators, causing concern among state wildlife officials.Currently, the state is in the middle of a multi-year study aimed at understanding how many mountain lions roam the Cornhusker State in an effort to figure out how to properly manage the population. Mountain Lions are the largest predators currently in Rocky Mountain National Park. They are also known as pumas, cougars and panthers. For several weeks in May and June, a specially trained dog is used to search as much potential habitat as possible for mountain lion droppings, or scats. ... the first confirmation of reproduction there. Smith proclaimed in the video. The bill suggests that people should be allowed to immediately kill any predator that poses an imminent threat. Are there too many mountain lions in Nebraska?Perhaps. Looks like the state hasdecided that there might still be a mountain lion "or other large felines" in Kentucky. A mountain lion which was found in Kansas earlier this year may be part of a group from South Dakota / Western Nebraska. This is the second consecutive year that Nebraska has opened season on its lions. According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Mountain Lion Management Plan, “the first regulated harvest season for mountain lions in Nebraska was held in 2014. Mountain Lion (Puma concolor) Physical Appearance. Nebraska’s second mountain lion hunting season in the Pine Ridge is three weeks away. Evelsizer said DNA results from the mountain lion killed in June indicated that it originated from Wyoming. Louden also said there is evidence of a bountiful number of mountain lions in Nebraska, as they have been spotted with cubs and in rural and urban areas. Since 1995, there have been 21 mountain lions in Iowa confirmed by the DNR. As mountain lions mature, the young will disperse from the mother’s home range as they seek to establish territory of their own. Nebraska’s 22 mountain lions in the crosshairs ... food for mountain lions. A young male mountain lion takes refuge in a cottonwood tree on the banks of Sowbelly Creek northeast of Harrison, Neb., shortly before it was shot during Nebraska's … Hunting these animals has been contentious, even more so now that one state senator is vowing to ban mountain lion hunting in Nebraska. There are just an estimated 40 adult and teenage mountain lions now living in Nebraska, and rather than protect them, the state is playing into the hands of trophy hunters by letting them go after these beautiful animals.