Meaning of INDIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE. There is a black eye stripe extending behind the eye of the bird. The Indian golden oriole species is distributed in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Indian subcontinent. )coicides the ripening of mangoes in Apri in northern India. Eurasian or Indian Golden-Oriole ( Oriolus [oriolus or kundoo]) Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 01 (August 2013): Eurasian or Indian Golden-Oriole ( Oriolus [oriolus or kundoo]) Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 02 (May 2014): Eurasian or Indian Golden-Oriole ( Oriolus [oriolus or kundoo])

Jun 27, 2019 - The Indian golden oriole (Oriolus kundoo) belongs to the family of Old World orioles, the Oriolidae. What does INDIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE mean? Indian Golden Oriole breeds in the Indian Subcontinent. Their main breeding range is north India. The Indian populations of this species are largely resident while other populations are migratory. The Eurasian golden oriole and the Indian golden oriole were formerly considered as conspecific, but in 2005 they were treated as separate species by the ornithologists Pamela Rasmussen and John Anderton in the first edition of their Birds of South Asia. Indian golden oriole is found in Indian sub continent and in Central Asia.

Similar to the Eurasian, it is slightly smaller, has an extended eye-stripe behind the eye, a golden patch on top of the wing, yellow tips to the "secondary and tertiary" wing feathers and more yellow in its tail. Orioles are found generally in the plains of India and the lower ranges of the Himalayas upto 1400 mts.Indian oriole is a resident bird of north india. The male Oriole is a bright golden yellow and jet black plumaged bird. The Indian Golden Oriole, reclassified in 2011 from a subspecies of the Eurasian Golden Oriole to a full species, breeds in the Indian sub-continent and southern Central Asia. How does the bird appear… Male is bright golden-yellow with black eye stripe which extends … The arrival of these birds in North india (from south india including Kerala and SriLanka. These oriole species were earlier considered as subspecies of Oriolus… The northern populations of the species winter in southern India. It has a large carpal patch on the wing and wide yellow tips to the secondaries and tertiaries. Definition of INDIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE in the dictionary. Information and translations of INDIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.