komodo dragon. The Great Plains ratsnake used to be classified as Elaphe guttata emoryi, but scientists have renamed it. Pantherophis emoryi, commonly known as the Great Plains rat snake, is a species of nonvenomous rat snake native to the central part of the United States, from Missouri to Nebraska, to Colorado, south to Texas, and into northern Mexico.It is sometimes confused as a Slowinski's corn snake, which is a subspecies of corn snake which is commonly kept as a pet. OUR ... Great white shark. Rat snakes are members – along with kingsnakes, milk snakes, vine snakes and indigo snakes – of the subfamily Colubrinae of the family Colubridae.They are medium to large constrictors and are found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere.They feed primarily on rodents and birds.With some species exceeding 2.5 m (8 ft) in total length, they can occupy top levels of some food chains. Jaguar. Some books refer to this species as Emory's rat snake. ANIMAL LIFE EXPECTANCY live longer live better. Twitter.

Great barracuda. American alligator. This reptile is secretive, hiding under rocks, logs, boards, in rock They are limited in distribution to a few counties in the southwestern-most Illinois where habitat suitable for this snakes needs is still unaltered. The species is mainly nocturnal and is known to be quite secretive. American Bulldog. Discover How Long Great plains rat snake Lives.

It has stripes on each side of the head that meet between the eyes. Its food consists of … Discover How Long Great plains rat snake Lives. Great Plains ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi. For more information, check out How It Works. Emory's Rat Snake, also known as the Great Plains Rat Snake, is light gray or tan in color, with dark gray, brown, or green-gray blotches down its back. Habits.—The Great Plains rat snake, al- though more terrestrial in habits than most other members of the genus, has considera- ble ability in climbing. Great plains rat snake is a type of non-venomous snake native to the central region of the United States. Try browsing the Other Colubrids Index if you're looking for something specific.
Kingdom Animalia animals. Among nonscientists, this snake is also called "house snake," for its being commonly found around abandoned farm buildings.
The great plains ratsnake is not a protected species in Texas and can be legally collected with a hunting license. Animal Life Expectancy.

Animalia: information (1) Animalia: pictures (20673) Animalia: specimens (7109) ... Genus Pantherophis rat, fox, and corn snakes.