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We’re accepting volunteers from now until September 17th, 2015.

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Available Volunteer Positions

Craft Services or Food room
It is the duty of the food room volunteer to help the food room leader maintain an organized and clean environment. It is very important that a food room volunteer help mark food cards, prepare warming plates, and participate in general organizing and cleaning.
Driver or “gopher”
A Driver is key to our logistics backbone for an event. They need to be able to navigate local roads, and abide by local driving laws. A driver may need to pickup posters, performers, food, and supplies.

A valid driver’s license (or permit if allowed to drive alone) and vehicle are required to apply for this position. (limited to 1-2 positions available)

Information/Registration Desk
A volunteer in this position would need to have a basic idea of general locations and performances for the event. Their duties may also require general understanding of how to handle cash, and would be required to take an additional course for our new registrar system. They may also be required to promote mailing list and newsletter signup to patrons.
Operations Support
This job title offers a chance for volunteers to help our operations department. The goal of this new position is to offer support to our staff. You may be required to do odd jobs, and/or fill in for another job title as a last minute replacement.
Badge checking
The goal of the security group is to maintain order within the event. You may be tasked with checking for badges, must have a clear understanding of rules of the event, and may help the Safety & EMS teams with their duties.
Performer Liaison
An organized individual tasked with this job title will coordinate between our performance team and our awesome performers. This may include fulfilling obligations with performers such as acquiring audio tech, relaying information about stage locations and performance times, and assisting with performances.
Vendor Liaison
This position assists the Vending Team in helping vendors set up and break down, helps with Vendor check-in, and helps solve issues that arise for vendors during the course of the event. Vendor Liaisons must be able to safely lift/push 50lbs.

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Additional questions regarding volunteering may be directed to [email protected]